It's only Monday and my face has already melted

Big news: I am pleased AF to announce that I have connected with my dream team—let me spill some tea.

It's only Monday and my face has already melted
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

The heat of the Web3 Space has reached new heights of hotness.

But before I get into all the details of the blockchain drip, save these dates:

Tuesday 10:10 AM Pacific time join me in our weekly Tuesday Twitter Space I host with my fren @VisceralGlitch—NFT artist and Creative Director as we mine our collective gems from this week’s topic: Leveraging intuition in art and business. I'm over the moon to introduce our special guest Tuesday—our beloved SarahScript, one of my favorite artists in the cryptoart space.

In addition to being a masterful calligraphy artist and calligraphy teacher, she offers calligraphy masterclasses. But that's not all, Sarah is a phenomenal illustrator. I am completely obsessed with her cozy lifestyle scenes in her Nifty City NFT art collection on Foundation. Dark, adorable and filled to the brim with Web3 humor and culture.

Not to be missed is Sarah's latest drop Mournbirds. They're cute enough to make me weep.

Bring yourself. We'll have a grand time together. And hey, we know Twitter Spaces are better when we all share. You (reading this) are invited to share your work in the Twitter Nest too.

Each time I come away from the Twitter Spaces VisceralGlitch and I host together wearing a smile in my eyes that lasts all week long. I hope you’ll join SarahScript, VisceralGlitch, our Frens and me on the stage to share your own insights—but if listening is more your vibe this week, our shared goal is to gain helpful new perspectives on leveraging our intuition in both art and business. Whether you join as a Listener or a Speaker, I expect you'll have a satisfying time!

Wednesday join us in an informative conversation hosted by my talented NFT artist frens @QuantumVariant and @JeffJag at 10A PST to discuss smart contracts for artists. Your own smart contract: it's the business. If you are an NFT artist and have yet to begin minting on your own sovereign smart contract, I implore you to come learn what's in it for you! Once you make the switch, you'll be so glad you did. As a multiple smart contract creator, I'm speaking from experience. LFG!

Thursday at 11:11 AM Pacific time, join me and my talented co-host @VisceralGlitch—this time with our special guest the NFT Lawyer for a very special Twitter Space. We'll be discussing the best license to use right now for decentralized collaborations. If you've been paying attention to the NFT news, you'll know that  intellectual property is an especially hot topic right now. NFT lawyer is extremely generous and has offered to answer our legal questions pertaining to NFTs. So whether you are a solo artist who’s looking to collaborate or an experienced collaborator, this is definitely a Twitter space you won’t want to miss. Bring your questions!

Thursday at 1pm catch our fren NFT artist, and Co-founder of XENOS NFT project  @DianaPelenur on Twitter Spaces discussing art and process, leading with the question: What moves your art?

Friday! Kick off your second round of GMs with QuantumVariant's regular Friday Twitter Space at 11A Pacific Time where the conversations range from AI art to Blockchain Protocols to Smart Contracts and beyond, discussed with warmth throughout and laughs between shared wisdom.

All day Friday is super lit with multiple Digital Fashion Friday spaces where myself and my digital fashion creator family Nix, JavoGZF, Augmented Reality fashion designer Helen Do, Svetlana Yakuni,  Tokyo White International,  JumpstartJaney, @ARTJEDI1, the @fashiondao and many more brilliant minds in Web3 fashion from all over the world get into the finer details of how we each are executing socially responsible and earth friendly digital fashion solutions. Weekly we discuss strategies and solutions to evolving our global fashion industry into a more innovative, more kind, more inclusive, eco friendlier ecosystem with less waste, and more accessibility for all—the kind of fashion world We want to see.

Drop drop drop!

It's time for flowers. Let me congratulate and highlight my frens on their latest NFT drops!

Minting soon....

Premint NOW... Whitelist here.

Remember: the wise degens do our own research. As an artist who has been a Degen herself since February '21, my research on the above mentioned artists is based on my own good fortune to talk with them, spend time with them and see their daily dedication and progress.

DYOR + Don’t miss your opp to cop!

girl playing vr gaming at sunset
Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano / Unsplash

Now for my juicy T.H.O.T. (that hacker over there) share!

Today is Day 2 of the Moralis X Cronos Hackathon and I am pleased AF to announce that I have connected with my dream team. Please give a warm welcome to my new hacker family members @_christianbass_ and @jvmezross.nft! You’ll be seeing our hacker journey together on my feed this month as we are together building the NFT Utility-giving metaverse game we have always wanted.

Shout out to the teams at, Cronos, Chainlink, and special thanks to the devs and innovators for Unity, and Unreal Engine for making available and accessible these seemingly limitless technologies. We can hardly wait to show you what we’re hacking up... Stay tuned!

Always with appreciation,