Make Your World Our World In Web3's Very Own ALANAmagazine—Feat. The Earth and YOU

Brief on potential approaches to ALANAmagazine topics for contributors

Make Your World Our World In Web3's Very Own ALANAmagazine—Feat. The Earth and YOU
Outdoor living space with mossy bed from Maxximillian.eth's Surreal Ambiance collection—a love note from nature inviting us to come outside.

As the Editor-in-Chief of ALANAmagazine, I know we are committed to providing our readers with high-quality content that informs, inspires, and empowers. We look forward to receiving your compelling and thought-provoking stories, helping our readers make informed decisions about our futures. On behalf of our ALANAmagazine team, thank you for your dedication to your web3 passions, and contributions to our publication.

On that note, for me what has been most discussed this week  in my meetings is 'what to write about' for ALANAmagazine.

To that end, I've put together this brief on potential approaches to the topics we're looking to publish in our first and subsequent issues of ALANAmagazine.

Let's get Earthy.

In the Earth issue as we explore topics related to sustainability, business development, and the fashion industry—from a web3 perspective. We welcome articles that delve into sustainable business practices, circular economy initiatives, and the role of blockchain technology in supply chain management. We are also interested in case studies that highlight the positive impact of web3 on sustaining and improving life on Earth. To artists, we encourage submissions that visually represent Earth and her themes to you.

Metaverse set design concept for the Aua Island Community scenes in CERYS, a groundbreaking scripted entertainment series from Maxximillian.eth X SuperKind Studios.

Community & DAO

In this section, we explore the power of communities and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) perhaps by looking at the impact your Community or DAO is making toward a specific effort that is open to new participants. My desire is to always feature open opportunities to our readers, as opposed to an event which is inaccessible to all but some or has closed. We welcome articles that discuss building various types of web3 based communities, and that explore guilds and alternates to DAOs. Great ongoing instances of DAOs making great social impact thst we can learn from in a case study also makes great material—I’m looking at you NOUNS! Articles exploring how web3 technologies can empower communities to address specific environmental and social challenges are always welcomed. I hope that from the artists and photographers we will see submissions that depict the spirit of community and collaboration.

Art, Design & Architecture

In this section, we explore the intersection of art, design, and architecture with environmental and resource sustainability. We welcome articles that discuss sustainable dwelling innovations, new sustainable more earth-friendly choices builders and consumers can make, and the role of architects, financial backers, and land developers in influencing sustainability. We are interested in showcasing the creative and responsible approaches that denizens of Earth are taking to address our environmental challenges here on our lovely blue and green planet. For art, we encourage submissions that showcase sustainable materials in their designs, innovative architectural concepts, and thought-provoking artworks related to sustainability on Earth through the lens of art, design and architecture.

We Are Here We Are Safe NFT—a musical animated film. Music, Animation and Story by Maxximillian.eth.

Gaming & Music

In this series, we explore developments in web3 gaming, and tokenized music and music experiences (NFT music). We welcome articles that discuss the environmental and positive impact of our gaming industry, best practices in web3 gaming—from a consumer stand-point as well as stories that highlight new opportunities for web3 game developers. As a singer-songstress composer myself, I especially want to highlight web3 native digital media asset management tools that help NFT music artist monetize and place their music in commercials, film and television, and beyond. We are interested in exploring how web3 technologies—especially web3 ownership and distribution models can drive positive change in the gaming and music industries. Artists are encouraged to share images, and photographs that depict the connection between gaming, music, and life on Earth.

Crypto Destinations

Crypto Destinations

As this is one of my favorite topics, let’s do a deep dive. Rest a moment with me as I share my insights and ideas on ways to approach this—my favorite—topic!

We are seeking sophisticated and informative stories that captivate our readers and equip them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about relocation to crypto friendly destinations, we especially want stories from those who have completed their mission and are now enjoying the fruits of their (figurative) islands. That said, all good journalism is welcomed on this topic. Here are the key elements and themes I envision exploring in this series:

Destination Profiles: Journalists are encouraged to research and present in-depth profiles of various crypto-friendly destinations around the globe. Each profile should encompass key information about the country, including its regulatory landscape, government support for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, availability of crypto-related services, and overall crypto adoption. Provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges they may encounter in each destination.

Visa and Immigration Requirements: Highlight the visa and immigration processes specific to each crypto destination. Detail the necessary steps, requirements, and potential hurdles that individuals may encounter when relocating to a crypto-friendly country. Include interviews or insights from expatriates who have successfully navigated these processes, offering practical advice and tips.

Startup and Job Opportunities: Investigate the startup ecosystem and job market within each crypto destination. Showcase emerging blockchain companies, innovative projects, and entrepreneurial success stories. Feature interviews with founders, employees, and professionals in the crypto space who have made a successful transition to these destinations. Provide readers with an understanding of the employment landscape and potential avenues for career growth.

Living Costs and Lifestyle: Discuss the cost of living in each crypto destination, considering factors such as housing, healthcare, transportation, and other essential expenses. Offer insights into the local lifestyle, cultural nuances, and recreational opportunities available. Include personal anecdotes and stories that illuminate the unique experiences of living in each destination.

Community and Networking: Explore the crypto communities and networking opportunities available in each location. Discuss local meetups, conferences, and events where individuals can connect with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts. Provide guidance on how readers can integrate into these communities and leverage them to enhance their professional and social networks.

Regulatory Landscape: Delve into the regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and digital assets within each destination. Discuss any legal implications, tax frameworks, and compliance requirements that individuals should be aware of. Offer insights into the government's stance on cryptocurrencies and the level of regulatory clarity provided to the crypto community.

Practical Tips and Considerations: Provide readers with practical tips and advice for successfully relocating to a crypto-friendly destination. Cover topics such as banking and financial services, tax optimization strategies, language barriers, cultural adaptation, healthcare access, and other essential considerations.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Articles should be a minimum of 800 words, allowing for comprehensive coverage of the chosen topics.
  • Include credible sources, statistics, and references to support your claims and provide readers with additional resources for further exploration.
  • Avoid excessive technical jargon, but ensure accuracy and precision in explaining crypto-related concepts.

I hope my brief on our content pillars at ALANAmagazine has been helpful and inspiring.

If you have questions or would like to discuss partnership options, I'm happy to chat with you. Find me on linkedin here.


Editor-in-Chief, ALANAmagazine