Cultural Significance and Importance of Collecting Memorabilia

Digital badge collecting is a delightful hobby as your badge collection becomes a testament to your remarkable journey

Cultural Significance and Importance of Collecting Memorabilia
One of the rares—the Janet ILLI MOTORSPORT TURBO, designed by Maxximillian. Available as a digital collectible.
CTWLK x $FUTR Fashion Motorsport Badges by Maxximillian.eth

Collecting memorabilia, whether physical or digital like dPoPs, plays a vital role in preserving experiences, providing engagement opportunities, and facilitating meaningful connections between individuals, cultural institutions, and brands in addition to providing reminants of cultural history for  generations and museums to come.

Collecting memorabilia holds significant cultural importance and serves as a way to preserve and commemorate experiences. Whether it's physical objects or digital tokens like badges, PoPs from the groundbreaking devs at ILLIST, or POAPs from - the instigators of this digital badge collecting renaissance, each badge aims to capture the essence of an event and allow individuals to assert, "I was really here. Here’s the proof." However, digital proof of presence/participation or dPoPs (as Maxximillian calls them) offer distinct advantages over physical memorabilia.

One key advantage of dPoPs is their on-chain nature, which provides enhanced preservation capabilities compared to physical objects. While shirts and knick-knacks can fade, get lost, or break, the token itself remains a consistent marker of the experiences had. This digital format ensures longevity and allows collectors to easily store, display, and transfer their tokens without concerns about physical deterioration.

Moreover, dPoPs present unique opportunities for both brands and cultural organizations. They serve as engagement metrics, providing insights into audience interest and involvement. Additionally, dPoPs can grant collectors access to event-specific content such as exclusive group chats, virtual book drops, backstage passes, raffles, and discounted tickets. This ongoing access extends the engagement beyond the event's duration, fostering continued connections with dPoPs holders and frequent event attendees. Furthermore, as proof-of-attendance tokens are free and require minimal technical knowledge, they enable broad participation, ensuring inclusivity for both crypto-savvy individuals and those new to the space.

In the case of Maxximillian's adoption of dPoPs for the CTWLK X Futurist Motor Club ($FUTR) collaboration, the artist utilizes the number of people collecting the tokens to gauge interest and determine which designs to pursue further. This approach harnesses the power of the collector community to provide a "temperature check" on the most appealing designs, allowing for a more audience-driven creative process. By involving the collectors in the decision-making, the artist ensures that their creations resonate with the audience's preferences and interests, fostering a deeper connection between the artwork and the community that appreciates it.

Maxximillian.eth is making available, through her fashion brand CTWLK, collectible fashion badges that are free to claim that complement the various ILLI MOTORS, bringing the two brands together in an artistic collaboration of motorsport and high fashion aesthetics for collectors to enjoy.

For Futurists interested in owning an ILLI MOTOR, here are the approximate pricing details.

Phase Description Mint Price Duration
Phase 1 Allow List 0.0369 ETH 24 hours
Phase 2 $APE Coin Holders 25 APE 24 hours
Phase 3 Public Sale 0.0555 ETH Until June 9
Phase 4 Price Increase 0.069 ETH From June 9

If you'd like to collect an ILLI MOTOR, consider indulging in the CTWLK dPoP collection. Maxximillian offers opportunities each month to participate in various engagement opportunities and be airdropped an ILLI MOTOR or a robot from The Museum of Robot Art, Some of these opportunities are available exclusively to holders of these CTWLK dPoPs. Collecting these free CTWLK dPoPs is a great on-ramp to joining the Maxximillian ecosystem. Subscribe to this blog at the bottom of this article to stay informed about opportunities you can capture.

I'll be making CTWLK fashion dPoPs available regularly but the editions are usually limited in sone way to keep things interesting.

In some cases, you only have a certain amount of time to claim the badge, in other cases, there’s some other type of engagement requirement, for example, maybe I need to be following you in order for you to have a special badge. There are dPoPs that require you to be holding previously issued dPoPs, but on where I create my dPoPs, there's a convenient link to whatever is required so that you can obtain it or learn about it.

Each dPoP collectible badge has independent eligibility requirements, and the potential for retrospective awards. Many of the dPoP tokens I create are available to all. Collect all the looks you appreciate.

CTWLK, a digitally native brand from Maxximillian has dropped its inaugural awardable badge for fashion forward futurists on

Introducing our avant-garde digital fashion marvel: a one-piece wonder crafted from vegan mushroom leather. Fashioned in metallics of gold, copper, or rose gold, it boasts an indestructible lining for safe getaways. This masterpiece goes beyond expectations with fire-proof, bullet-proof, and waterproof properties. Discover hidden pockets, embracing a fusion of style so bad-ass it could be criminalized and artility. Elevate your digital fashion closet with this collection of free-to-claim fashion artility tokens from Maxximillia.eth and awardable, a next-level community rewards platform.

Available to claim by participants during live Twitter Spaces. Log in with your active Twitter account during #fashionfridays to claim.

Fashioned in mushroom leather pixels with CoolMesh vents to release the heat from your bod’s hottest places. Design by Maxximillian for CTWLK.

Nothing can cut you in our CTWLK indestructible MetaStretch Motorsport Suit. Gender-fluid for ALL baddies. Design by Maxximillian for CTWLK.

Claim this dPoP collectible token from Maxximillian on

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Introducing EternaShine

Introducing EternaShine, a groundbreaking fashion marvel that effortlessly blends sustainability and style. Crafted with visionary finesse, this remarkable reversible Motorsport cardigan showcases the future of fashion, adorned with vegan mushroom-leather pixels that exude an ethereal charm.

Each pixel, delicately woven into digital fabric of seaweed stamped mushroom leather, embodies a commitment to eco-conscious craftsmanship, ensuring that you can indulge in guilt-free luxury. The invisible zipper adds a touch of seamless elegance, effortlessly elevating your ensemble. With its versatile design, this metallic cardigan embraces duality, allowing you to effortlessly transition between bold chrome motorsport-inspired aesthetics and understated satin gold motorsport sophistication for a speedy transformation. Gold tab collar tracks your biometrics, and vibrates to alert you when anyone enters your personal space within a 2 meter diameter.

Above 👆 fresh designs in rose gold from CTWLK Digital Fashion Runway
The use of advertisements to share information with denizens of my SuperKind story world are an example of the new direction of artwork verticals I am employing in the immersive storytelling experience I'm cultivating with SuperKind.

Cute! But what's the point of all these badges?

"As I see it, discovering the aesthetic preferences of my growing community of fashion forward visionaries by inviting them to collect their favorite prototype sketches in their digital wallets before I translate them into 3D wearables is the most joyful most direct route to producing my most well-received CTWLK designs." —Maxximillian

Retroactive rewards, my forward-thinking Futurists, harness the power of technology to honor not only your participation today but also to thank you today and in the future for past participation as together we achieve new milestones, deepen our partnerships, and deploy new technology to offer new opportunities to early supporters.

Imagine the joy of visually relishing your your favorite fashion and motorsport machine aesthetics as you accumulate CTWLK MOTORSPORT fashion tokens. Digital badge collecting is a delightful hobby as your badge collection becomes a testament to your remarkable journey.

Why Collect PoPs? Why create them?

I do it for the love of fashion, And for my love of blockchain culture, and to provide sustainable retail therapy. Spend an hour collecting digital art from or and you'll be feeling the effects of retail therapy after just a few buys. These are the two most underated marketplaces online to indulge your passion for collecting art and memorabilia. Unlike my other tokens, the CTWLK dPoPs I make available are cost-free and cost nothing to claim making them acccessible to our global fashion community.

Inclusivity and Low Barrier to Entry

Digital Proof-of-Presence tokens (dPoPs) have a low barrier to entry, as they are typically free to claim and require only a digital wallet like MetaMask and an email address, both free for anyone to create with no recurring fees to maintain.

Measuring Interest and Engagement

For both brands and cultural organizations, dPoPs engagement can be used to measure interest and engagement. These tokens provide valuable insights into audience interest and involvement, serving as metrics to gauge the success and popularity of events or experiences.

Extending Ownership and Access

dPoPs (also known as POAPs or PoPs) offer collectors the opportunity to access event-specific content and experiences. This can include exclusive group chats, virtual book drops, backstage passes, raffles, discounted tickets, and more. The access provided by dPoPs extends beyond the duration of the event, allowing collectors to continue engaging with the tokens and fostering ongoing connections with specific institutions or brands.

Collect this fashion badge from CTWLK—a smooth on-ramp to Maxximillian's SuperKind Story world ecosystem of token-gated media and experiences offered during the production of this epic futuristic satire where the world's super villain has weaponized kindness. Learn more at

Dear Futurists,

Step into a world where art, culture, and innovation intertwine to create extraordinary experiences. We extend a warm welcome to our vibrant community of enthusiasts like you, who appreciate the profound impact of collaboration between talented artists and visionary brands. Together, we strive to unlock unique moments of inspiration, education, entertainment, innovation, and even monetization for our collective communities.

Your voice, your artistry, and your innovations matter, and I invite you to share your remarkable ideas and proposals for partnerships that align harmoniously with my vision and values. I welcome the opportunity to explore synergies with you, fostering a creative union that transcends blockchains and propels us into a future of limitless possibilities.

Let it be us together igniting the spark of imagination, shaping culture, and celebrating the timeless intrinsic value that art and innovation bring to our lives. Together we can inspire, educate, entertain, innovate, and, yes, even monetize, all in the pursuit of a future filled with simultaneous individual and collective transformative experiences.

Welcome to our remarkable community of Futurists, where the extraordinary awaits your alignment.

With anticipation,

Founder, Futurist Motor Club

Curated for Magenta DAO. Magenta series ILLI MOTORS designed by Maxximillian.eth
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