Where Art Meets Social Good: Flamin-Go With Love

Socially conscious works of art sure to inspire others in the art world to explore new ways to make a positive impact on the world.

Where Art Meets Social Good: Flamin-Go With Love
Photo by Leandra Rieger / Unsplash

"Flamin-go with Love" NFT drop is an entangled art experience that is both visually stunning and socially impactful. This piece celebrates the power of crypto and blockchain technology that provides direct aid to underserved and unbanked communities worldwide.

The piece, which features two flamingos coming together to form a heart, is not only visually stunning but also serves a noble purpose. By donating 50% of the proceeds to Impact Market, "Flamin-go with Love" NFT directly benefits people living on under $2 a day. The funds will be "airdropped" to their phones, allowing them to purchase essential items such as food, medicine, and clean water from local businesses onboarded onto the protocol.

In addition to this charitable endeavor, the NFT will also help fund a public art sculpture, which is sure to be a flamin-good addition to any outdoor space. The sculpture, created in a collaboration between Creatress, Fiona Aboud, and Ray Frost, will be a solar-powered LED neon piece that will be displayed in Black Rock City, Nevada, during Burning Man, and later installed in an outdoor space for the public to enjoy. The sale of the physical sculpture will be split 50/50 between the artists and Impact Market.

"Flamin-go with Love" NFT is a glowing example of the transformative potential of crypto and blockchain technology to do social good from within the art world. This 1/1 unique NFT tied to a 25x25 inch physical piece is available for purchase on https://superrare.com/fionaaboud. Additionally, unlockable usable AR files for your phone or VR space can be found at https://app.charmverse.io/fiona-aboud/page-8646698307866953, and an Instagram AR filter is available at https://instagram.com/flamingowithlove. For those who purchase 10 or more NFTs, they can email fionaaboud@gmail.com for a print or shirt.

"Flamin-go with Love" is a thoughtful and socially conscious work of art that is sure to inspire others in the art world to explore new ways to make a positive impact on the world. Its symbolism and charitable purpose make it a flamin-goal for philanthropically aligned artists looking to leave a positive social impact with our art to strive for.

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