Augmented Reality Art Surreal AR Drop Festival

Surreal Ambience is a gamified artility project from Maxximillian launching on a groundbreaking, new global art marketplace called Layerr.

Augmented Reality Art Surreal AR Drop Festival
An excerpt from the art collection, Surreal Ambience by Maxximillian.eth, scheduled to drop on Layerr, a groundbreaking new art collectibles platform that connects artists with collectors through thoughtful symbiotic engagement technology.

Drop Mechanics

Wen drop, eligibility, and other burning questions

In brief, the upcoming NFT drop is a three-week Surreal Ambiance event, with four unique artworks available on the first day for a total of 0.08 Ethers ($ETH).

Artwork A is the main artwork being released as part of the drop, while artwork B is available only to collectors who are on the allow list. Artwork C is a time-limited token-gated edition that is available only to people who holds one or more tokens by the artist Maxximillian or her partnered artist frens. Artwork D is a door prize for Visionaries that can only be claimed at a special price on drop day.

Week Artworks Available Price in Ethereum
1 A, B, C, D 0.05 for A, 0.01 additional for B, C, D
2 A, C .05 and .01, respectively
3 A, E .05 and .01, respectively

Artwork Price (ETH) Availability
A 0.05 Available to all
B 0.01 Available only to collectors on allow list
C 0.01 Available only to token holders
D 0.01 Door prize for Visionaries on first day

Surreal Drop Event

This is how we do it


Of course, if you're a fren to Maxximillian, youre especially invited to co-host and participate. RSVP below to let me know youre coming. DM me on twitter or telegram and let me know you'd like to join the stage as a featured guest—I'd love that!

Learn more about the drop as the date nears.