Introducing The Museum of Robot Art ($MORA)

The museum of robot art is a multi-chain NFT collection of the finest of the fine cryptoart robots engineered by Maxximillian.eth with the finest alloys gems and materials on earth and from beyond.

Introducing The Museum of Robot Art ($MORA)

About the Museum of Robot Art

Founder: Maxximillian
ToDo: Explore, learn about and collect cryptoart,
and limited edition physical collectibles
exclusively available from The Museum of Robot Art
Cost : Zero cost to visit, though you may wish to collect souvenir

On Exhibition Now: ALL THE BOT$, a whimsical artility NFT project from  Maxximillian.eth offering exquisitely detailed one-of-a-kind NFT robots of the finest of fine quality available on the Ethereum blockchain via blind mint on this very webpage you're reading right now with secondary sales discoverable on NFT trading platforms like LooksRare, Rarible, and OpenSea  cryptocurrency marketplaces.

Above: ALL THE BOT$ pre-reveal thirst trap BOT holds space in the collector's wallet, one for each BOT a collector has minted. 

ALL THE BOT$ ($BOTS) are minted on Maxximillian's soverign smart contract (BOT$) and entitle the token holder to claim a token from The Museum of Robot Art DAO ($MORA) which entitles the DAO member to exclusive benefits, including increasingly rare mints reserved for humans who hold both $BOT$ and $MORA tokens in their funding cryptocurrency wallet when minting directly fron the collection—right here on this page, or via my official NiftyKit drop site.

About the $MORA collections

The Museum of robot art features robots from multiple cryptoart collections from Maxximillian.eth, each collection houses a discernible style of robot. As a blockchain agnostic cryptography artist and web3 enthusiast, this choice is preferable to minting a single massive collection of robots featuring varying styles. Each of Maxximillian's robot styles is contained in its own collection. These collections are named ALL THE BOT$ ($BOTS), MAXXIMILLIAN'S ILLI$T BOT$ ($ILLI), and BOT$ OF QUALITY ($XXIMI) and are distributed among the Ethereum, Optimism, and Tezos blockchains.

About The Museum of Robot Art mission

ALL THE BOT$ ($BOTS) is the name of the smart contract ($BOTS), a woman-led solo-artist crypto art project that funds both SuperKind DAO, a woman-founded organization focused on uplifing pioneering women in web3 into positions of visibility and power; plus MORA initiatives via the DAO for The Museum of Robot Art ($MORA), focused primarily on IRL art exhibitions and Artist Talks introducing the merits, delights, and the many applications of dynamic non fungible tokens for brands, organizations of all sizes, and creative individuals looking to integrate non fungible tokens and the Metaverse into their current ecosystems.

Museum of Robot Art token holder benefits

It's not beneath me to restate the obvious: the most important benefit is that you will own some fascinating art. Additionally, holders may elect to activate augmented reality elements for their BOT$, adding interest and value for themselves and future collectors. collectors are encouraged to download and keep safe their own high-resolution copy of the initial artwork, and subsequent evolutions of the BOT$ as they evolve. Any of the BOT$ from the MORA master collection are available exclusively to holders in a token-gated metaverse shopping experience powered by NOWHERE where collectors can request prints and hang out with the artist Maxximillian—that's me!—live, in real time as I autograph your print(s) in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, purple gold or chrome.


For time with robots but away from computer screens, The Museum of Robot Art book is available soon. This book will be available for public sale. However, a limited edition bespoke book including behind the scenes artist photographs, backstory and trait lore and photographs of all the finest of the fine, including even the rarest of rare robots from the BOT$ OF QUALITY collection is available exclusively to holders of The Museum of Robot Art token ($MORA), which as a holder of $BOTS you are elgible to claim, activating your membersip in the MORA DAO.

How to join the Cog?

Own at least 1 of Maxximillian's BOT$ from an authentic collection.

More ways to participate

The museum of robot art is an inclusive community. There are many opportunities to win a cryptoart one-of-a-kind robot from Maxximillian that grants you eligibility to claim your token activating your DAO membership just as if you'd paid Ether for your $BOTS. Below are some of but not all of the upcoming opportunities to become a member of the Museum of Robot Art (MORA) community at no-cost or low-cost.

  • Flash Sales—join this mailing list to be included.
  • Twitter Spaces—follow @maxximillian on Twitter, and hit the bell, then turn notifications on for 'Spaces'
  • Metaverse Events
  • Open NFT Bounties—available for members of the DAO first, before becoming availble for the community at large.

Stay Connected with the real

Maxximillian's Artist Twitter: @XXIMIW3L
The BOT$ have their own profile: @alltherobots
The Robot Museum of Art: @botsofquality

Creating this collection brought me much joy and delight in its creation. Thank you for spending time with me and all the lovely BOT$.Maxximillian