Introducing The Story World of SuperKind

From Script to Metaverse: The Multifaceted Role of the SUPERKIND Creator Maxximillian

Introducing The Story World of SuperKind
Photo by Xu Haiwei / Unsplash

From Script to Metaverse: The Multifaceted Role of the SUPERKIND Creator

SuperKind is a metahuman animated live-action hybrid suspense series  that answers the question: What could the world's most powerful super villain care about achieving in a future epoch where today's problems of human survival have been solved and the people of Earth are living in harmony?

Even though I am presenting this Mega City SuperKind world as a work of fiction, I want to be clear that I know this city, at least aesthetically, does exist. I have been inside one of these impossibly tall Mega City SuperKind City Center buildings—in my dreams. 
When I realized I was in a lucid dream, I carefully studied each detail about the opulent sunken living room of the penthouse suite I spawned into. Curious about whether it was night or day in this dream world, I approached the 26 foot high neutral tone curtains  and pulled the right panel of the curtains where they came together aside. The view was staggering! The sun glints on the bay to the northwest where the land ends and water begins in a row of tiny peninsulas. Other skyscrapers of impossible architecture surround me. The sky is robins egg blue and mostly clear. I remember this leaning sensation as if - if I didn't look away - the hi-rise I am standing in might lean into the neighboring skyscrapers—as if my penthouse might break open like an eggshell at the window I am looking through, crumbling me and  the insides of this luxurious 200-story highrise into the aquamarine ocean waves below.

From the moment of inception I imagined the aesthetics of the SuperKind world would be reliant on creative technology to execute my SuperKind world vision in the way the world and its characters (which came to me fully formed) deserve.  I've been quietly building upon this idea, adding to my digital scrapbook, writing scenes, refining character designs, testing my scripts, and keeping my fingers on the pulse of  the creative technology pipeline by following the companies that lead in creative industries so as not to miss my signal.

Seeing the demonstration of Unreal Engine's version 5.2 keynote at State of Unreal 2023 Epic Games event was that signal.

I have officially started up the SuperKind Studios machine.

As the creator of the scripted series and story world of SUPERKIND, a satirical thriller about one of our potential  futures - I am pleased to see all the technology I need to bring this meta-human animated series to life the way I envisioned. From writing episodes to illustrating storyboards and performing dialogue and  character design, I am involved in multiple aspects of  the SuperKind story world's development and productions.

It has been my intention from the beginning of the conception of my SuperKind story for fans of the SuperKind world to become metaverse denizens of that same SuperKind world and to allow people who love the story or want to learn more about the SuperKind story culture to explore  SuperKind world and experience SuperKind ethos on their own terms in the metaverse, meanwhile discovering real-world experiences that mimic our SuperKind Story world. I am executing my first proof of  concept now with the geolocation-triggered augmented reality treasure map I am integrating into the SuperKind Story world made possible by the generous and brilliantly creative team at ILLIST AR. Subscribers to this blog will be the first to be invited to interact with the SuperKind experiences map so, do subscribe!

Getting Around SuperKind

Dynamic Assets for SuperKind Game Connoisseurs

Welcome to the extraordinary world of SuperKind, where epic adventures and thrilling experiences await. As you immerse yourself in the captivating story world, I am delighted to present a range of navigation assets that will enhance your journey through the Mega City SuperKind story and beyond.

1. Dynamic Maps of Mega City SuperKind and Beyond: Unleash your explorer spirit with collectible cards and maps that bring Mega City SuperKind and its surrounding areas to life. These detailed and interactive maps will guide you through the bustling streets, hidden alleyways, and iconic landmarks of this opulent metropolis, providing valuable insights and uncovering hidden secrets along the way.

2. Mega City SuperKind Destination Guides: Embark on a guided tour of Mega City SuperKind like never before. Our expertly curated tourist guides will take you on a captivating journey through the city's architectural marvels, vibrant neighborhoods, and cultural hotspots. Discover the history, culture, and untold stories of Mega City SuperKind as you navigate its bustling streets, interact with its diverse inhabitants, and witness the evolution of this extraordinary metropolis.

3. Interest-Themed Mega City Province Culture Guides: Delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Mega City SuperKind with our interest-themed province guides. Whether you are drawn to the cutting-edge technology, the awe-inspiring fashion scene, the culinary delights, or the captivating art and music, these guides will offer a curated exploration of specific aspects of the city, providing insider tips, hidden gems, and unforgettable experiences tailored to your interests.

Immerse yourself in the futuristic world of SuperKind as you navigate the vast landscape of Mega City SuperKind and unlock the secrets to your place there in our syncopated futures. These navigation assets will serve as your helpful companions, guiding you through the intricacies of this epic story world whether in Spatial metavserse (in development) or in our SuperKind story filmset designed with Unreal Engine (in development). Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery, wonder, and boundless excitement as you explore the SuperKind story world like never before.

A Whimsical Satirical Adventure: Immerse yourself in the richly detailed futuristic story world of SuperKind. Encounter eccentric characters, navigate hilarious situations, and decode the wisdom and subplots lurking beneath the satire.

Mission-Based Gameplay: Embark on a series of missions that will challenge your problem-solving skills, creativity, and quick thinking. Each mission is designed to prepare you for integration into SuperKind culture. All are at home in SuperKind world.

Unlockable Rewards and Surprises: As you progress through the gamified experience, unlock a variety of rewards, including exclusive virtual collectibles, in-game currency, and surprises from the SuperKind universe. Discover hidden Easter eggs and unlock secret content that will leave you delighted and looking for more.

SuperKind Collectibles

Delve into the meticulously crafted storyboards, capturing the birth of scenes and the vision that drives the SuperKind universe. Revel in the secrets of deleted scenes, where only the finest are curated to offer a unique perspective on the tale. Engross yourself in captivating behind-the-scenes livestreams, witnessing the alchemy that brings this fantastical world to life.

Prepare yourselves, SuperKind denizens, for an unparalleled expedition into the SuperKind universe. With a wide array of assets spanning the physical and "phygital" realms, we beckon you to claim your favorites within this mesmerizing realm. A realm where art, narrative, and immersive encounters coalesce to create an unforgettable saga. The adventure awaits—will you heed the call?

Here's a breakdown of the diverse and exciting types of collectible assets that as I see it SuperKind project will make available as collectables. As the story progresses, new assets become available. While some assets are free for collectors, others can only be purchased with coins earned in our gamified ecosystem. I expect some assets will make their way to seconday markets, if the SuperKind denizen who earned an asset wants to sell it forward, our ecosystem encourages and supports that.

Asset Type Description
2D Art Vibrant and captivating artwork showcasing key moments, characters, and locations from the SuperKind universe.
Augmented Reality (AR) Immersive AR experiences that bring SuperKind characters and scenes to life in your own environment.
3D Metaverse Experiences Explore interactive virtual worlds where you can navigate and interact with the SuperKind universe firsthand.
3D Walkthrough Collages Unique and intricate 3D collages that provide a visually stunning and immersive walkthrough of SuperKind realms.
Immersive Audio Captivating audio experiences that transport you into the soundscape of the SuperKind world.
3D Wearables Collectible digital wearables, such as augmented reality clothing and accessories.
3D Story World Artifacts Collectible digital artifacts from the SuperKind story world, showcasing iconic and significant items.
Storyboards Behind-the-scenes glimpses into the creative process, these stylized detailed storyboards illustrating key scenes are sure to be favorites.
Deleted Scenes Exclusive access to selected deleted scenes from SuperKind episodes, revealing hidden storylines and moments. Token-gated for our most active community members.
Behind-the-Scenes Footage Special behind-the-scenes footage, offering an insider's view of the making of the SuperKind animated series. Token-gated for only the most ardent Collectors.

With this diverse range of assets, I aim to provide SuperKind collectors with a rich and immersive SuperKind experience. Whether you enjoy collecting stunning artwork, exploring virtual worlds, or diving into the behind-the-scenes process, there is something for everyone. My goal is to create a dynamic and engaging universe that you can fully immerse yourself in, with tangible and digital collectibles that enhance your connection to the SuperKind world as the show is being filmed. Doing some of the creative work in the open during SuperKind livestreams to share my process as I create for our communities is a part of this phase of the creative process.

From visual delights like 2D art and 3D collages to interactive experiences, AR experiences, and the metaverse, SuperKind assets offer a gateway to explore the depths of the SuperKind story and its vibrant characters. You can even represent play a role in bridging our worlds by wearing phygital wearables and giving physical merchandise from Mega City SuperKind Tourism Gift Shop a place in your favorite spaces.

Additionally, I will provide inside looks into the creative process with storyboards, deleted scenes, and behind-the-scenes footage, sharing with you an intimate understanding of how SuperKind comes to life. It's a treasure trove of content that allows you to go beyond the screen and delve deeper into the magic of the series.

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey, where you can collect, engage, and discover a SuperKind world brimming with whimsy and danger - tickling your own imagination of our future with intriguing possibilities. Let your collector's spirit soar as you claim these unique SuperKind assets and immerse yourself in a truly captivating experience as we give a warm welcome to the emergence of thus brave new world I call SuperKind.

World-Building for SuperKind

Each studio day is filled with creative exploration as I delve into the intricacies of the SuperKind universe. With passion for design, performance art, and storytelling, I bring my talents together to craft compelling episodes that will captivate audiences. The series is a testament to my dedication to creating a visual masterpiece that combines stunning visuals with thought-provoking futurist narratives.

As I prepare the materials for the upcoming production phase, I am refining the key moments that lead up to where we meet the characters on page one of the script, ensuring that every line of dialogue and every scene is optimized to serve the story. I aim to strike a balance between  gripping plot twists, humor, and visually stunning sequences that will leave viewers in awe and interested in exploring the 3D SuperKind metaverse.

The process of illustrating storyboards is where the magic truly begins to take shape. I meticulously sketch out each scene, visualizing the mood, emotions that may take place there, and add in the intricate details of props for the characters to interact with through which they may express those emotions that bring the characters of our SuperKind World to life. This is where I plan camera angles, character movements, and visual effects, ensuring that every frame contributes to the overall narrative and draws the audience deeper into the captivating world I have created.

With the addition of each scene, with the birth of each new location on the SuperKind story maps, I feel the SuperKind universe becoming increasingly tangible and vibrant. It is an honor to have the opportunity to immerse myself in this creative endeavor, and I am excited to see the culmination of my work unfold to my highest ideal, where the characters and their stories will resonate with you in all their glory thanks to the most leading-edge innovators of today's creative technologies.

I welcome the participation of my peers in this endeavor. If this project appeals to you, introduce yourself to me to explore how you might join me in a collaboration inspired by the story world of SuperKind.

What to expect from the SuperKind Experience

Indulge Your Inner Futurist with a Trip to a Treasure Trove of Fashion Tokens and Exclusive Experiences

CTWLK X $UPER Fashion Tokens: Free to Claim from

Experience the allure of fashion in a whole new dimension with CTWLK Fashion Tokens inspired by the story of SuperKind. As an NFT collector, you have the opportunity to claim these unique digital assets that celebrate the fusion of art and fashion at no cost. What's more, some of these Fashion Tokens are on-ramps to further utility, adding that exciting element of the expected-unexpected to your collection of digital mementos from our probable future.


Tokenized Art: One-of-a-Kind and Limited Editions

Indulge in the world of tokenized art with a collection of scenes from SuperKind. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and aesthetic storytelling. This collection offers open editions , limited editions, and rare one-of-a-kind storyboards that are digitally authenticated and tokenized on the blockchain. From prototype illustrations to collectors exclusive behind the scenes videos of our SuperKind production with the creator narrating, each tokenized artwork invites you more deeply into Mega City SuperKind with a multidimensional invitation that transcends traditional boundaries.

Storyboards As Tiny Editions: Exclusivity in Limited Quantity

For collectors who appreciate the allure of rarity, SuperKind offers Tiny Editions. These limited quantity releases feature meticulously crafted artworks, each uniquely numbered and strictly limited in availability. Owning a Tiny Edition means owning a piece of SuperKind's artistic legacy in its most exclusive form.

Open Editions: SuperKind Memorabilia for Everyone

In Mega City SuperKind the people say they believe art should be accessible to everyone. That's why the SuperKind collection also includes Open Editions, allowing enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy and own these remarkable pieces of digital art. Open Editions offer everyone an opportunity to become part of our SuperKind world.

Collector's Edition 3D Augmented Reality Experiences

Take your immersion to the next level with Collector's Edition 3D Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences. These exclusive assets bring the SuperKind story world to life in breathtaking detail and interactivity. Immerse yourself in captivating environments, interact with beloved characters, and unlock hidden surprises as you interact with your favorite elements of SuperKind universe in a truly unique and immersive way.

3D Objects: Tangible Collectibles in the Digital Realm

Step into the realm of virtual collectibles with SuperKind's 3D Objects. These meticulously crafted digital sculptures and artifacts allow you to own and appreciate tangible art in the digital realm. From SuperKind inspired fashion and jewelry to iconic props, each 3D Object is a testament to the whimsy and aesthetic that defines the SuperKind world.

Gamified Metaverse Experiences: Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

Prepare to embark on thrilling adventures within the SuperKind Metaverse. Through gamified experiences, you can become an active participant in the SuperKind story world. Decode ciphers, overcome challenges, and unravel the mysteries that await you in this dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape. Let your adventurous spirit soar as you uncover hidden treasures in the token-gated SuperKind universe currently in development.

Unlock a world of fashion tokens, tokenized art, 3D augmented reality experiences, and gamified metaverse adventures with SuperKind's comprehensive collection. Like a carnival pass to boundless entertainment, this diverse array of assets invites you to immerse yourself in the vibrant and captivating world created by Maxximillian.eth.

These CTWLK X $UPER SuperKind-themed tokens are your first chance to claim a piece of SuperKind history, and become a documented denizen of the SuperKind ecosystem.

Above. If you do it now you might still be able to collect the inaugural CTWLK X $UPER token—a collaboration between natively digital fashion brand CTWLK and SuperKind Studios 

With its Unreal Engine-designed filming set, gamified experiences, and the promise of drivable 3D ILLI MOTORS with fashions to match, this immersive vision re-imagines the way we engage with our favorite stories.

Stay tuned for updates as with SuperKind Studios as Maxximillian continues to push the limits of what is possible. Embark on thrilling adventures and fun immersive experiences from the futuristic  SuperKind story world.

And collect these CTWLK digital fashion tokens so your digital fashion wallet has something to wear and get ready to be transported by the immersive world of SuperKind, where live-action meets human-realistic animation, and storytelling transcends traditional boundaries.