Robot art with attitude, and utility that brings you to a party on the moon with leading-edge artists, art lovers and cryptophiles from Earth

Photo by Arseny Togulev / Unsplash
The GALpha: ALL THE BOT$ is a multi-chain 1/1 NFT collection of robots, robot trash art and robot-themed NFT artility tokens from Maxximillian on Ethereum, Tezos and Optimism blockchains. ALL THE BOT$ is comprised of a few collections ranging from 111-333 or more robots. Each collection on the 3 blockchains has its own distinct style, but they're all robot. ALL THE BOT$ drops August 11th. Presale, August 9-10. Don't miss it.

Imagine an art Collector who could travel anywhere without ever worrying about packing a suitcase. Imagine that this collector is also an avid art lover, and every time she moves to a new home, she can take her favorite collection of paintings with her. Imagine that the paintings are stored across The Universe, and they're not just images—they're also eligibility passes the Collector can use to claim a physical artwork and enter a fantasy virtual world, by virtue of holding a cryptoart robot or robot trash art. If you're thinking bot trash art LOL WTF, let me explain.

This isn't the fantasy of a tech-addicted futurist; it's the product of an emerging movement called Artility NFTs (Art + Utility non-fungible tokens). In short, NFTs are digital assets that hold value, like any cryptocurrency token. But unlike some cryptoart collectibles, 1/1 NFTs are unique—a single Collector has the only 1 in existence and the right to list it for sale at whatever price they set, or never. #Hodl

Introducing a new NFT project from Maxximillian

The Inspiration

According to NASA, "More than 27,000 pieces of orbital debris, or “space junk,” are tracked by the Department of Defense’s global Space Surveillance Network (SSN) sensors. Much more debris -- too small to be tracked, but large enough to threaten human spaceflight and robotic missions -- exists in the near-Earth space environment."

In the same way we are campaigning to rectify our water and clean air today, in the future we'll be campaigning to clean up our junk from outer space to make space travel safer. Go ahead and laugh. But I'm from the future and I know these things. And, I asked myself, 'Who is going to pick up that space trash?' The answer came immediately: robots. 'And would they be sentient?' Sure. 'Would they be having fun as they made safer the galaxies?' Fvxk yeah.
And Beep boop. ALL THE BOT$ was born.

ALL THE BOT$ celebrates the philanthropic robots of the future out there in space wrangling space trash in across the galaxies. Yes, they're making #trashart, engaging in robot fine art photography, making robot noises Beep boop, and having fun. This collection is comprised mostly of the BOT$' photographic robot journal transmissions.

Some photographs are taken inside spacecrafts, others are taken on location in outer space. Don't worry. They're robots, they can handle the weather. How kind of you to consider a robots well-being—no they don't get lonely. Why? They travel in cogs. Just take a look at their daily photo transmissions; they're obviously having a great time—for any who would say a "good time" for a robot is a stretch, consider this: sentient robots are part of our human evolution. Why would we engineer robots capable of perceiving, responding appropriately to, and expressing emotions if not to someday ditch this meat tuxedo and put on some gold and fiberglass instead. What? You thought building sentient robots was a human inspiration to enhance daily human life? The robots laugh.

Sleek whimsical unique robot art with the added viability of verifiable authenticity and security of blockchain technology will be via blind mint during the mint party on The SuperKind Moon powered by NOWHERE metaverse and via public sale, right here on this page you're reading now and soon via secondary marketplaces like Looks Rare, Rarible and OpenSea.

At the time of this writing there are more than 555 individual robots in Maxximillian's ALL THE BOT$ collection dancing their way from collecting bot trash in outer space toward the Ethereum ($ETH) and Optimism, and the Tezos ($XTZ) blockchain where non-fungible 1/1 cryptoart and cryptoart in small editions  are having a seismic renaissance as art collectors recognize the incredible talent and variety at all price points available on Objkt and Kalamint.

Once these dancing bots are sold out, you may find ALL THE BOT$ on secondary cryptoart markets—but with so much attitude, and utility that brings you to a party on the moon with literally the most leading-edge artists, art lovers and cryptophiles from Earth—don't count on it. ALL THE BOT$ is hodl-worthy.

There's much in the works for holders ALL THE BOT$ tokens. Details to be announced.
Second snapshot: the last day of Summer.

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Are you that early Collector?

Welcome aboard! You can keep your space suit. ALL THE BOT$ grants you access to $uperKind Moon base where we meet to have important conversations, discover new projects, socialize, share what we are up to—and party on The $uperKind Moon.

A special curation of ALL THE BOT$ 1/1 cryptoart from Maxximillian will be available on the Tezos blockchain later this month (August).

For Tezos art Collectors, here is an easy Ethereum to Tezos on-ramp from that makes it easy to swap Ethereum cryptocurrency ($ETH) to Tezos ($XTC).

For additional convenience, a quick and easy fiat to Tezos on-ramp for Collectors using  cash in your currency or credit cards, is here.

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ALL THE BOT$ NFT by Maxximillian. Collect yours online or during an upcoming Metaverse token drop event.

"One of the main benefits of minting NFTs is investors are able to buy into a collection at the earliest possible opportunity.
That means they stand the best chance of making a profit if the NFT collection goes on to soar in value once it’s listed on secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea." - Coindesk

Schedule of Events

ALL THE BOT$ Launch Party • August 8

Presale Mint — August 9-10, for tokenholders or by invite only—attend our metaverse launch party for your best whitelist opportunity.

Public Sale — August 11th, 12:00 AM PST

1st Snapshot: August 11th, 11:11 PM PST

ALL THE BOT$ Reveal: September 9th, 09:09 AM PST